Parish Secretary's Office

The Secretarial Division of the Administrative Offices of the Rapides Parish Police Jury has a threefold mission:

• The official custodian of the public records of the Rapides Parish  Police Jury.
• Administrative support to the Rapides Parish Police Jury, its Police Jurors, and its departments, agencies and boards.
• Customer service to the public.

As the official and legal custodian of the public records, this Office is responsible for maintaining and making same available to the public.  The public records, as an example, include minutes, property deeds (ownership and revocations), election documents (candidate, tax and local option), regulatory ordinances (code of ordinances), delegation of powers of the Police Jury (authorities, boards, commissions, intergovernmental agreements), and correspondence related to programs, policies, projects and functions of the Police Jury.

As administrative support to the Police Jury and its individual members, this Office is responsible to assist in the development, research and coordination of future agenda items; preparation of meeting agendas; directing of actions of the Police Jury to the proper agencies, departments and persons; interpretation of its action (in some cases implementation); and processing of responses.  Individual members provide objectives to the Department.  Extensive secretarial work is also required.

All public offices provide customer service.  This Office responds to questions and requests for information from other agencies, departments, and the general public for historicial information, copies of public records, and for assistance.

Office Staff

Laurel Smith, Lawanda Stewart, Sarah Vidrine, Wendy Grahn

Parish Secretary's Office

Parish Courthouse
701 Murray Street Suite 201
Alexandria, LA 71301

Public Records Request Form (PDF)